Great Gear That I Use and Recommend!

The right accessories can make your smartphone video and live streams look and sound amazing! Here is a selection of the gear I use and recommend for professional results that both you and your audience will love!

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(Note: These are all affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission. However, you will not pay a cent more, and in some cases, such as with Arkon products, you will save money with exclusive discounts offered to me that I can pass along to you!).

Smartphone Mounts and Camera Support

Arkon Mounts "TW Broadcaster" Livestreaming Products
Arkon Mounts makes an amazing, wide-ranging selection of high-quality phone and tablet mounts. They are huge supporters of the live streaming community. Their TW Broadcaster series has many mounting and desk stand options; this is only one example that I've pictured. Get a big 20% discount by using my coupon code KERRY2018 View and order on Arkon's site


Square Jellyfish Tripod Mount for Smartphones
This is a terrific tripod mount for your smartphone. It allows you to orient your smartphone horizontally or vertically depending on what the video shoot or live stream broadcast requires. This is the one I use for all my Periscope broadcasts, and for smartphone video production. (I've linked to the metal version, which has threads that won't strip like the plastic version.) View and order on Amazon


NEW! Benro Mini Telescoping Selfie Stick Tripod With Bluetooth Remote
I can't even begin to tell you how handy this is! It's a solid compact tripod base with smartphone mount, but it's got a secret: a telescoping selfie stick hidden in the middle! Place it on a table at an event, telescope it to eye level, and you're livestreaming or recording a professional interview in a flash! It also has a bluetooth remote so you can start and stop your video camera or take a photo. It's a steal at this price. View and order on Amazon


JellyLegs Micro Desktop Tripod with Ball Mount
This is a perfect companion to the Square Jellyfish tripod mount! The legs fold up, allowing you to always keep a tripod with you in your purse or messenger bag. When you want to live stream or record a video, just take it out, attach your Square Jellyfish tripod mount to the ball head, adjust it and you are ready to shoot! SMALL VERSION:  View and order on Amazon BIGGER VERSION WITH SMARTPHONE MOUNT: View and order on Amazon


72" Aluminum Video/Photography Floor Tripod
This is a sturdy but lightweight folding tripod that you need for your smartphone video production needs. It extends to 72" tall, which means you can easily do standup interviews with it. (60" tripods are just too short!). Don't expect anything resembling fluid-head professional tripod performance at this price; you won't get smooth pans. But this tripod is perfect for holding your smartphone or tablet steady while you shoot standups, interviews or events. View and order on Amazon


Zhiyun SmoothQ Smartphone Gimbal
This is the lowest-cost gimbal I recommend, but it is very well built. It features one-step balancing by simply adjusting the knob on the rolling axis. The built-in 26650 Li-ion battery of Smooth-Q enables 12-hour continuous ultra-long work time. It can be recharged by connecting to mobile power supply. On-handle controls allow different options for operation and recording. View and order on Amazon


Live Cameras


Mevo Live Event Camera
The incredible new Mevo live event camera is in a class by itself and is one of the BEST ways to broadcast to Facebook Live and make it look like a professional production. The magic of Mevo is its 4K Ultra HD sensor. You simply place the Mevo on a tripod and point it at your event - say, a conference stage with podium and panelists. It connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, streams to Facebook Live, records to its built-in micro SD card, and lets you choose multiple camera shots using your iPhone or iPad! You can select tight shots, zoom and pan, so your production looks like a professional multi-camera production! View and order on Amazon



Lumee Duo Screen Shot.jpg

LuMee Duo Smartphone Case with Dimmable LED Lighting
The LuMee Duo smartphone case has built in dimmable warm LED lights on both sides of the case that make you look AMAZING in photos, videos and livestreams! With a built-in battery and great safety protection for your phone, this is simply the best. Don't be fooled by the cheap knockoffs on Amazon. LuMee is the original and the one to get! I use mine every day! View and order on Amazon


Lume Cube
This is the tiniest, most powerful video light I've ever seen! At 1.5 inches square, it's a must-have for high-end livestreams and video shoots. With up to 1500 lumens in 10 brightness levels, it can light up a room! At 50% brightness, it will run for up to 2 hours on its internal battery.  It has a standard 1/4"-20 thread on the bottom for mounting on tripods, and the company makes a variety of additional mounts.  Single light: View and order on Amazon  Dual light: View and order on Amazon


I love this light. At less than $50, it offers great features, like a diffusion filter to soften the LEDs and a dimmer knob so you can dial in just the right amount of brightness. Its built-in battery recharges via USB. Its base will slide into any hot- or cold-shoe camera mount, and it has a threaded 1/4" 20 threaded hole to screw onto any standard video or photo tripod. View and order on Amazon


MCO Plus Bi-color LED Video Light
This is a great video light for use with your live streaming or video recording. You can slide it into a show bracket on any video camera or DSLR, or mount it to a tripod. It has dials which allow you to not only adjust the brightness of the light, but also to dial in more "warmth" using the bi-color LED dimmer knobs. View and order on Amazon


Stellar 18" Ring Light
This is a lightweight, dimmable portable beauty light that renders soft shadowless light. You can mount your smartphone or tablet in the middle of the light so your face is beautifully lit for livestreaming as you look at the camera. This light is widely used and loved throughout the livestreaming community. View and order on Amazon


Wired Smartphone Microphones


MXL MM-130 Handheld Smartphone Microphone
I absolutely love this microphone for doing news-style interviews with guests on Periscope broadcasts or for videos for my web site. This is a high-quality microphone that has a headphone jack and also has an XLR cable on it that adapts it for use with smartphones and tablets. It's heavy duty, and looks and sounds professional! View and order on Amazon


Movo PM10 Smartphone Lavalier Microphone
The Movo PM10 is the lowest price smartphone lav mic, but still has excellent quality. It also comes with not one, but TWO mic clips and TWO foam windscreens, since those are small parts that sometimes get lost! I recommend getting a TRRS extension cord. SINGLE MIC VERSION: View and order on Amazon DUAL MIC VERSION: View and order on Amazon


PopVoice Lavalier Smartphone Microphone (Amazon Choice!)
This is a well-made, affordable smartphone mic specifically designed for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Sony, LG, Blackberry & Windows Smartphones, Retina Macbook Pro Air, and Android devices. Unlike others, it comes with 4 foam windscreens, so if you lose one...or've always got another one available! This also has a long 6.5-foot cord, longer than Rode SmartLav and Movo PM10 (but not as long as the A.Lav EZ). And it has an adapter that lets you use it with a standard video camera or computer mic input. It's a great choice.  View and order on Amazon


The A.Lav EZ Lavalier Microphone (***Kerry's Favorite & Amazon's Choice!)
The A.Lav EZ, my favorite, is a wired smartphone lavalier microphone that comes with a 9-foot, Kevlar-reinforced cord. The cord is much longer than most other smartphone microphones, and the sound quality is great. It also comes with a foam windscreen (not pictured). View and order on Amazon


Rode SmartLav+ Lavalier Microphone
The Rode SmartLav was one of the first high quality smartphone lavalier mics available. It sounds great and is widely use. I recommend getting a TRRS extension cord (in the Adapters section of this page) to use with this mic so you are sure to have enough cable. View and order on Amazon


Wireless Smartphone Microphones


Movo WMIC10 2.4 ghz Wireless Microphone System
This is the most inexpensive way I know to cut the cord and go wireless for your livestreams and smartphone videos - with qualification. This very basic, less-than-$70 system has a short range (82 feet, according to specs). If you stay line of sight to your phone, within 30 feet or so, it should work pretty well for you. (Remember, professional wireless mic systems cost $500 and up!) View and order on Amazon


Azden ProXD Digital Wireless Mic System (***Kerry's Favorite Wireless!)
The new Azden Pro-XD digital wireless microphone system is one of the lowest cost digital wireless systems available that comes ready to use with both smartphones and for regular video and audio production. It is very small in size, and both the transmitter and receiver have built-in batteries that are recharged via USB and reportedly can deliver 10-hours of use. This makes it easy to do Periscope broadcasts or record video "standups" for web video production. View and order on Amazon


Saramonic TX10 + RX10 96-Channel Digital UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone System
This may or may not be a knockoff of Sony's $500 wireless system - it looks very similar - but Chinese manufacturer Saramonic makes great gear for standard video/audio and smartphone video production! Add a TRS-to-TRRS adapter cable to this less-than-$270 system and you're set with a high quality and capable wireless mic system for your livestreams and smartphone videos, as well as for DSLR and standard video camera production needs! This is a definite step up from the Azden system above because it has replaceable AA batteries and very high build quality. View and order on Amazon


Other Microphones


Rode VideoMic GO Mini Shotgun Mic for DSLRs
This shotgun mic is intended for use with DSLR cameras, and receives its power from the camera itself so it does not need a battery. It's a good compromise between cheaper mics and Rode's higher-end line. I have not tested it to know if it works with smartphones and tablets if you add a TRS-to-TRRS adapter cord. View and order on Amazon


Blue Raspberry USB/Lightning Digital Microphone for Podcasting and Voiceovers
Yes - this works with iPhones and iPads! This is a high quality microphone for mobile recording or livestreaming. You can connect it to your computer via USB, or record on your iPhone or iPad via its Lightning cable. It's versatile and includes its own integrated stand. Excellent for podcasting, voiceovers, and live interviews! View and order on Amazon


Microphone Adapters and Mixers


Saramonic SmartRig XLR Microphone Adapter for Smartphones
This device lets you plug in an XLR microphone and use it with your smartphone or tablet. The switch allows you to supply phantom power to a condenser microphone that requires it, or you can of course use any standard dynamic microphone that has professional XLR connectors. There is also a headphone jack for monitoring to make sure you're getting great audio. (Photo shows the device hooked up; you don't get a microphone with it!) View and order on Amazon


Saramonic SmartRig+ 2-Channel Audio Mixer for Smartphones and DSLRs
This little mixer is a big problem-solver! It allows you to mix two professional XLR-connector microphones (or two 1/8"/3.5mm microphones) for use with either DSLR cameras for videography, or for smartphones and tablets. This means you can mix two of your pro mics, including wireless mics, to make a video or do a livestream broadcast. It has a TRRS output for smartphones and a tripod mount on the bottom side. I love this unit! View and order on Amazon


MXL MM-4000 MiniMixer+ Smartphone Audio Mixer
The MiniMixer+ is the first smartphone audio mixer! It's made to work specifically with smartphone and tablet microphones (that all use what's called a "TRRS" plug). This mixer is designed to mix up to four smartphone mics. I have also used it to mix three mics and music from an iPad. It comes with all the cables you need, and outputs the final mix directly to your iPhone's audio input. View and order on Amazon


Rode SC6 Dual Microphone Input Device
The inexpensive alternative to a microphone mixer. This allows you to use two smartphone mics with your phone or tablet at the same time. It has two smartphone microphone inputs, and a headphone output. Please note that, due to its design, you will likely need to remove your case from your device to ensure that the plug on the SC6 properly seats with the audio jack on your device. Or, get an extension cable (below) to use with it. View and order on Amazon


Male TRRS 3.5mm Smartphone Miniplug to Female XLR Jack Adapter
This is exactly what you need to adapt most professional wireless microphone receivers to work with your smartphone. Most wireless receivers used with professonal cameras already have an XLR plug on them for the output. With this cable, you can plug right into the receiver, and plug the other end into your smartphone. View and order on Amazon


IXCC 6-foot TRRS Microphone Extension Cord
This is the TRRS cord you need to extend the length of the cable on your A.Lav EZ., Rode SmartLav, or any other smartphone microphone or headphones. This cable is about 6' long. I usually only need one, but I keep two with me just in case I need an extended cable length for a smartphone video shoot or livestream broadcast. View and order on Amazon


Podcasting and Audio Recording


Tascam MiNiStudio Creator US-42 Podcast Production System
Perfect for Facebook Live Audio, rolling out now! Want to start a podcast, or sound professional when you broadcast live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Periscope through your laptop or desktop computer? In my opinion, this is the easiest way to do it! MiNiStudio Creator is your personal production and online broadcast studio.  It has a pro audio interface, special effects, "Hot" buttons to launch intros, sound effects or sponsor credits, and it pairs with Tascam's MiNiStudio interface software that toggles between a simple "easy" interface for beginners and "pro" interface with all the bells and whistles for professionals. Too many features to list here!
View and order on Amazon


Tascam TM-80 Studio Condenser Microphone for Podcasting
This is the perfect microphone to pair with Tascam's MiNiStudio Creator (above). It has a cardioid (directional) pattern, and an 18mm pure aluminum diaphragm. It requires phantom power from your audio mixer or MiNiStudio, and comes with a shockmount, desk stand and XLR cable. Note that the desk stand is very lightweight; I recommend getting a more robust desk stand or boom arm. This is NOT a USB mic, so it doesn't plug directly into your computer. It must be plugged into an audio mixer, or an analog to USB converter, a recorder, or an interface box like the MiNiStudio Creator.  View and order on Amazon


Focusrite Scarlett Solo (2nd Gen.) Podcasting Interface
This is a USB microphone interface for podcasting. Plug your professional mic with 3-pin XLR connector into the front panel, plug the Scarlett into your computer, and you're ready to start podcasting! It has stereo line outputs on RCA phono plugs so you can connect it to home speakers and one headphone output with gain control. View and order on Amazon


Focusrite Scarlett Solo (2nd Gen.) Complete Podcasting Kit
This is the Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB microphone interface for podcasting (above), but it ALSO includes everything you need to record with! A great condenser mic, pop filter, boom-style mic stand, audio cables and headphones! View and order on Amazon


Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen.) Podcasting Interface
This is the next step up from the Scarlett Solo. It features two microphone inputs so you can record both yourself and a live in-studio guest. There are four analog inputs: two natural-sounding Scarlett mic preamps with plenty of even gain; two newly-designed instrument inputs; 1/4-inch balanced jack outputs to connect professional studio monitors; one headphone output with gain control. View and order on Amazon


Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen.) Complete Podcasting Kit
This is the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB microphone interface for podcasting (above), but it ALSO includes everything you need to record with! A great condenser mic, pop filter, boom-style mic stand, audio cables and headphones!. View and order on Amazon


Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD USB Audio Interface
This is a 2-input USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface for streaming or recording up to two standard XLR (3-pin) microphones, or 1/4" connector instruments, to your computer. This is a great way to add an additional in-studio guest to your Facebook Live Audio podcast or recording. Via your computer, Facebook Live and YouTube will see U-Phoria as an audio input, so you can go live with excellent quality and also record to popular recording apps on your computer. View and order on Amazon


Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD USB Audio Interface
This is a 4-input USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface for streaming or recording up to four standard XLR (3-pin) microphones, or 1/4" connector instruments, to your computer. This is a great way to have multiple live in-studio guests on your Facebook Live Audio podcast at the same time. Via your computer, Facebook Live and YouTube will see U-Phoria as an audio input, so you can go live with excellent quality and also record to popular recording apps on your computer. View and order on Amazon


Audio Technica ATR-2100 USB Microphone
This is a great dual USB/XLR mic to start podcasting with, or to record audio interviews or voiceovers for video projects. It's really two mics in one! It is a standard microphone with a professional XLR (3 pin) connector, so it works with standard audio mixers and broadcast gear. And, it is a USB microphone, so you can plug it into the USB port on your computer to record digitally to audio programs like Audacity, Garage Band or Adobe Audition. View and order on Amazon


Cisno Shock Mount & Pop Filter for ATR-2100 Microphone
If you use the Audio-Technica ATR-2100 microphone for podcasting or recording voiceovers, this is the shock mount and pop filter unit to buy! It fits the ATR-2100 perfectly and isolates the mic from the thumps and bumps that can happen when your mic is on a desktop stand. And the adjustable pop filter makes sure that your voice comes through loud and clear without breathy "'plosives" that can happen when you're popping your "P's". View and order on Amazon


Movo LV-60 Wired Lavaliere Microphone (XLR connector)
This is a wired lavaliere microphone for recording podcasts or video interviews. Featuring a standard XLR connector, this mic connects to an audio mixer, recorder, or video camera utilizing professional XLR connectors. View and order on Amazon


Audio for Video


NEW! Tascam DR-10L Digital Audio Recorder with Lavalier Mic
Yeah, I know this looks like a wireless system. But it's not. This records pristine audio from its lavaliere mic onto a micro SD card. Use this instead of a wireless mic when you want to capture audio during a video shoot from a DSLR, smartphone or video camera, and later sync the audio back to the video you shot during editing in Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, iMovie, or other editing program on a laptop or desktop computer. You get great audio and don't have to deal with the expense of a wireless mic system. View and order on Amazon


On-Stage Presentation Tech

Loop Audio Mixer by Maker Hart
When I present on stage, I do demos from my laptop, iPhone and iPad. To make it a seamless experience for the audience, I need an easy way to mix audio from all three sources. The Loop audio mixer does just that, and is so easy to connect because all the inputs and outputs on this mixer are 3.5mm female mini jacks. And the mixer will plug right in to the typical 3.5mm audio input to most presentation systems that you find at the podium. View and order on Amazon


Monoprice VGA Switchbox (2x4)
This is the other indispensible piece of gear I take with me for presentations. The VGA switcher allows me to seamlessly switch between my laptop and iPhone/iPad during presentations. No downtime and awkward silence while you swap cables. Just push a button! (You'll need the Loop Mixer to handle the audio). View and order on



Magic Arm (articulating arm)
This arm is amazing. It has a male 1/4" threaded stud at one end, and the other end has attachments that can be kept on or removed that let you have a male cold shoe, a female 1/4" threaded hole, or another 1/4" male stud. This means you can use the Magic Arm to attach devices like monitors, video lights, mics and more to tripods, cameras, and smartphone camera cages like the Beastgrip Pro. View and order on Amazon


Bescor MP-101 Remote Pan/Tilt Head
I'm using this now for all my studio Periscope and Facebook Live broadcasts, and for recording videos with! This pan/tilt head connects to any standard tripod. Put a Square Jellyfish smartphone mount on it, then use the wired remote to adjust your shot. You can use the remote to tilt the smartphone up or down, or left or right. It's so much easier to make camera adjustments while you are live-streaming! View and order on Amazon


Disclosure: I do receive a small commission on many of the products on my site. All the products you see above are ones that I personally use, am very familiar with, and recommend. You will not pay more by buying through my Amazon links, and in the case of Arkon products, you get a great sitewide discount whenever you use my coupon code KERRY2018 at checkout on

 Above: Beastgrip Pro with MXL MiniMixer+ mounted using an articulating arm.

Above: Beastgrip Pro with MXL MiniMixer+ mounted using an articulating arm.