Bay Area UASI JIC/JIS Training with Media Survival Group
Walnut Creek, Oakland, Monterey, Martinez, San Francisco

Thanks so much for attending the Media Survival Group JIC/JIS two-day training the bay area. Below are the resources Kerry Shearer presented or referred to, plus other bonus resources.

 Karen Terrill

Karen Terrill

Kerry Shearer's GWPA presentation
"GWPA Using Social Media"
download PDF

 Jimmy Lee

Jimmy Lee

Communicators TechStore: Smartphone/iPad Video/Audio Production Accessories
Here's where You can see and purchase great gear from my TechStore for smartphone video recording. Everything is fulfilled by Amazon, so you can buy with confidence.

BONUS! Accessorize Your Smartphone
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Link to Pre-Scripted Tweets for a Range of Disasters
(This doc was offered by participants in the Oakland workshop and was created by Sacramento County. It was not created by Media Survival Group or Kerry Shearer)
View Google Doc

BONUS: Social Media Savvy: Getting Started With Video to Effectively Communicate
A few of the basics to help you launch your own in-house video productions

BONUS: Video Editing Programs
Software programs to help you get started with video editing

Trusted Social Media/Communications News Sources
These blogs will help keep you current with social media developments and trends!
PR Daily

Kerry's Social Media Platforms - connect with me!

I'd love to connect so I can periodically send you more tips, tools and techniques on communicating effectively in an emergency. If you didn't get to this page by texting a keyword to 33444, then click here to stay in touch!

If you’d like information on how to train your crew in livestreaming and smartphone video, please contact Kerry here.