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Periscope Power Academy LIVE!

My next Periscope and SmartPhone Video workshops will be in Sacramento and are currently being scheduled.

"I truly can't explain how much I loved the class and all of the creative website and video tools you used." -Maxine G. 

See what attendees have to say!

It's always exciting when even non-techie communicators realize they can gain new skills and create professional-looking videos using their smartphones or tablets! I'm currently scheduling workshops for more cities. If your organization or agency would like to co-host a workshop, CLICK HERE for information!

MXL Smartphone Mics and Mixers 20% Off With My Exclusive Coupon Code!

(Note: Free shipping is available on orders over $75. I do receive a commission for sales; and you receive a 20% discount over the price charged for this equipment everywhere else. Sweet!)

(Note: Free shipping is available on orders over $75. I do receive a commission for sales; and you receive a 20% discount over the price charged for this equipment everywhere else. Sweet!)

The new MXL MM-4000 MiniMixer+ is the FIRST dedicated smartphone microphone mixer I know of, and is PERFECT for Periscope, Meerkat, or producing any smartphone video or audio interview for livestreams, videos or podcasts! That's because every input is "TRRS", just like your smartphone or tablet, so smartphone microphones work with it perfectly! OK, so why would you need a mixer?

  • To interview one or more people for a video, or broadcast your own "talk show"!
  • To mix high quality music into your recording or livestream from a tablet, iPod or computer!
  • To live stream a Skype or Google Hangouts interview with someone and have perfect audio fed into the mixer from your computer!

I offer an exclusive 20% discount on ALL MXL mobile media products. You can order the mixer or any of the other mobile media audio products by using my coupon code KERRY20 at MXL's online store.

Social Media Training for Emergency Responders in Montana
(Nov. 3-6, 2015)

Use of social media is critical in emergencies. I conducted three days of social media training for emergency responders in Glasgow and Lewistown, MT in early November, 2015. This video recaps an emergency exercise held on one of the days in which everyone got hands-on experience creating videos and posting content and updates to social media sites.

How the City of Sacramento Fire Department Uses Periscope to Bring Citizens Live to the Scene of Dramatic Incident Responses!

The Sacramento Fire Department, according to their spokesperson, appears to have been the first fire agency in the U.S. to begin doing regular broadcasts with Periscope, Twitter's live streaming video app. In this video, I met up and spoke with Roberto Padilla, who in July, 2015 was just completing a one-year assignment as Public Information Officer for the City of Sacramento Fire Department. (Read more)

How to Create a Watchable Periscope Broadcast Viewers Will Love!

Live streaming video has been around for years, but Periscope sets a new bar for ease of use. I've watched everyone from private users to police and fire departments and other public agencies and companies hop onto Periscope, and some of the livecasts have been great. You really need to check this out, because Periscope will have big implications in emergencies and news coverage. (Read More...)

My Periscope Tips Featured on Sue B. Zimmerman Periscope Stream!

If you're looking to learn Instagram, Sue B. Zimmerman IS The Instagram Expert! And on Friday, June 5th, she featured some of my Periscope tips and information during her own live Periscope broadcast! She's got a lot of great info in the stream, so I captured it and am posting it here. You can follow Sue on Instagram @theinstagramexpert and @suebzimmerman. (She has 6 accounts, but these will get you started!)

Dealing With Negative Social Media Comments

Dealing with negative comments and finding the "voice" of your organization on social media can be challenging. In this episode of my "Face to Face with Commendable Communicators" series, Bethany McDaniel of Interactive explains how she chooses to view and respond to negative comments, and I think you will find her outlook refreshing! (Read More...)

Smartphone Audio Solution: MXL's Mobile Media Mixer

If you've taken my training, you know how important it is to use a plug-in smartphone microphone when you do video interviews or on-camera presentations with your smartphone or tablet. But what if you have up to three additional guests? MXL's smartphone audio mixer is coming soon to solve that problem! I had a chance to talk with an MXK representative at the 2015 NAB conference in Las Vegas. (Read More...)

Communicating the Drought: Interview with Rachel McGuire

In this video post, I talk with Rachel McGuire, Community Affairs Supervisor at the Western Municipal Water District in Riverside, CA. Rachel talks about the challenges of drought communications, the types of outreach she finds effective, and her staffing level to make it all happen. (Read More...)

Canon XA25 Compact HD Video Camera is My Top Choice for Communicators!

Canon XA25

Canon XA25

The Canon XA25 is my top video camera pick for many communications programs at state and local agencies or associations. Read more

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