Social MultiMedia Workshops

Social MultiMedia Workshop
Sacramento, CA
March 31, 2015


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It's always exciting when even non-tecchy communicators realize they can gain new skills and create professional-looking videos using their smartphones or tablets! I'm currently scheduling workshops for more cities. If your organization or agency would like to co-host a workshop, CLICK HERE for information!

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Guest: Bethany McDaniel, Interactive

Dealing with negative comments and finding the "voice" of your organization on social media can be challenging. In this episode of my "Face to Face with Commendable Communicators" blog, I interview Bethany McDaniel of Interactive for her "formula" on how to handle negativity effectively.

Is Your Smartphone Emergency-ready?

As a public information officer or communicator for your organization, your role likely includes emergency response. With today’s fast-moving world of social media and instant news, it is critical that you have the ability to work from anywhere.
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Canon XA25 Compact HD Video Camera is My Top Choice for Communicators!

Canon XA25

Canon XA25

The Canon XA25 is my top video camera pick for many communications programs at state and local agencies or associations. Read more

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