Registration Opens Soon for June 28, 2016 Livestream and Smartphone Video Workshops in Sacramento!

(Periscope workshop participants Feb. 2016)

(Periscope workshop participants Feb. 2016)

Livestream Impact Academy
Smartphone Video Academy

My next workshops are being held in Sacramento on June 28, 2016! Registration should be open by Friday, May 27, so check back here for the link!

It's always exciting when even non-techie communicators realize they can gain new skills and create professional-looking videos or live broadcasts using their smartphones or tablets! I'm currently scheduling workshops for more cities. If your organization or agency would like to co-host a workshop, CLICK HERE for information, or see what attendees have to say!

Anchor.FM Launches

The Anchor app for iOS, which offers micro-podcasting of up to 2 minutes, launched February 9. It's like social media radio broadcasting, because listeners can reply with "waves" (audio responses) of up to 60 seconds. Follow me @KerryShearer on Anchor for social media and tech updates.

And, here's a link to, which I recommend as a source to get great production music and bumpers that's licensed for your use!

Need smartphone/tablet audio, lighting and tripod accessories for livestreaming or video shoots?

(Note: Free shipping is available on orders over $75.)

(Note: Free shipping is available on orders over $75.)

Having great audio, lighting and a steady shot can make your smartphone video look like a much more expensive video production! I've got all the gear on my Periscope Expert page. I also have an exclusive 20% discount on ALL MXL mobile media products by using my coupon code KERRY20 at MXL's online store.

And, use the code KERRY2016 to save on the BEST smartphone and tablet stands and mounting solutions when you order from Arkon Mounts!

Yeah, I know exactly what you’re thinking. “I’m too busy to pay attention to another social media platform. I can’t even keep my Facebook Page updated with fresh content!”

I’m with you. Creative content takes time to plan, produce and post, and Facebook page reach is minimal unless you pay. Fact is, your posts are only seen by a tiny percentage of the people who have taken time to find your Facebook business page and hit the “Like” button. And engagement on many posts is “meh.” (Read more)

Social Media Training for Emergency Responders in Montana

Use of social media is critical in emergencies. I conducted three days of social media training for emergency responders in Glasgow and Lewistown, MT in early November, 2015. This video recaps an emergency exercise held on one of the days in which everyone got hands-on experience creating videos and posting content and updates to social media sites.

How the City of Sacramento Fire Department Uses Periscope to Bring Citizens Live to the Scene of Dramatic Incident Responses!

The Sacramento Fire Department, according to their spokesperson, appears to have been the first fire agency in the U.S. to begin doing regular broadcasts with Periscope, Twitter's live streaming video app. In this video, I met up and spoke with Roberto Padilla, who in July, 2015 was just completing a one-year assignment as Public Information Officer for the City of Sacramento Fire Department. (Read more)


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