Thanks for Attending Livestream Confidence Academy (Vancouver BC) with Kerry Shearer and Julia Kristina on Saturday, January 21, 2017!

Julia and I had such a great time teaching you about livestreaming at the workshop! And we really appreciate your glowing and constructive comments on the evaluations. Feel free to drop me an e-mail if you have any followup questions.

I'm already plotting a return training later this year. If you know anyone who would benefit from this workshop, please send them this link so they can be notified:

Here are links to presentation materials and handouts!

Accessorize Your Smartphone! (PDF)
Here is my handout (included in the packet you received) listing some of the smartphone video accessories you can get for livestreaming. A bigger list is at my Livestream TechStore site (linked below).

FIND SMARTPHONE TECH GEAR HERE! Note: The Arkon suction cup mount many of you liked at the training, and all other Arkon mounts, are 20% off if you use my coupon code "KERRY2017"
Kerry's LiveStreamTechStore

Kerry's Periscope and Facebook Live Presentation

Julia's Livestream Confidence Presentation

Livestream Planner Printable PDF

Information about how to broadcast from your laptop or desktop
Access and download free OBS Studio software here
View OBS instructions for Facebook Live here
Get information about Periscope Producer here
View OBS instructions for Periscope Producer here

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You Tube
Web Site
Connect with Julia and get her free Mindfulness exercise here

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If you’d like information on how to train your communications team in livestreaming or smartphone video production, please contact me.