Thanks for Attending the NPHIC Workshop in Atlanta on August 14, 2017!

You were an AMAZING group and I hope you got lots of value from the workshop! Here are links to all the resources I promised.

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Smartphone mics, lights, mounts & accessories
My LiveStreamTechStore page has Amazon links to the livestreaming accessories I use and recommend. You can also use the code KERRY2017 to save 20% on high quality smartphone mounts from Arkon. Click the link below to go see the gear.
Kerry's LiveStreamTechStore

Kerry's Livestreaming Video Presentation
download PDF here

Accessorize Your Smartphone! (PDF)
Here are the accessories you need to shoot great videos, including tripod mount, microphone and LED light.

Livestream Planner (PDF)
This will help you plan your live videos!

News Conference Livestreaming Checklist

Training for your Team!

If you’d like information on how to train your communications crew in livestreaming or smartphone video production, please contact me. I can come to your agency to provide hands-on training for your whole communications team. Workshops include livestreaming, smartphone video production (recorded fast turnaround videos), and general social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others.

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