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ClickToTweet - The easiest way to promote your stuff on Twitter.

Buffer –  A very popular tool for sharing content and supports Facebook, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles. The tool allows you to queue your posts in advance and provides you with analytics of your posts. Its clean and user-friendly interface also makes it a particular favorite among small business owners that are strapped for time.

Social Oomph Since engagement is key in social media, this tool will help make things a lot easier for you. Social Oomph’s edge over other social media management tools is that it offers the auto-responder, auto-direct message and auto follow features as premium upgrade features.   

FeedlyThe tool presents new content from several news feed categories that you can choose from, it also highlights popular content that you might find interesting. The tool can be used from your desktop or mobile devices to make sure you can check your feeds regularly. You can also alter the way it can be viewed to suit how you prefer to take in information.

PocketFor busy entrepreneurs who may not have time during the day to read all the interesting articles they come across, read-it-later tools are a godsend. Pocket is a particular favorite with its clean and flat design, it makes it very easy to it to sort through content which you can save to read later either through your desktop or mobile devices.

CanvaVisual marketing is definitely here to stay with more and more people preferring to see content than read it. This tool can help you create effective graphic design with a user-friendly interface and beautiful design templates that suit beginner designers. The app is free though if you would like to avail of Canva’s stock photos, you will need to pay for them. – If you feel like you don’t have enough time to come up with visual content, you can head on over to’s marketplace and let the professionals handle it. They specialize in infographics, videos, interactive and presentations, presenting quality content for much less than your average agency’s price.

KloutKlout is one of the more popular social media monitoring tools that measures a user’s social influence based on their activity on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, etc. Recently, they have introduced a new version of Klout with a feature that allows you to curate content and share it with your audience as well.

QuintlyThis tool provides you with analytics for several social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. You can keep track and benchmark your social media performance along with your competitor’s. One popular feature is that it is highly customizable and has an easy-to-use dashboard for you to navigate from.

BitlySometimes you find yourself having to get extra “creative” with spelling when composing a tweet, which is where Bitly can help. Bitly can shorten your links as well as track the link’s overall performance afterwards to see which ones work with your audience.

MentionIt’s always important to track what people are saying about you and your business, though the task can be daunting when there are so many social media platforms out there. Mention is a social media monitoring tool that informs you when someone mentions your name, business or any other keywords you would like to keep track of.

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