Getting Started with smartphone video production on the iPhone

Smartphones offer amazing video production capability. The newest phones actually are capable of recording 4K video. That's four times the resolution of HD video! With the right microphone, lighting and tripod support, you can record incredible quality videos!

While most smartphones shoot excellent quality video, iPhones and iPads offer the best multimedia production capability. One of the main reasons is because of Apple's outstanding iMovie editing program, which has no equivalent on the Android platform. Here is what you need to get started shooting and editing your own professional quality smartphone videos:


  • For editing: iMovie for iPhone, available in the iPhone App Store. For Android, try Videon from the Google Play store
  • For video shooting, this app offers more settings options: Filmic Pro, available in the iPhone App Store

Tripods, Audio and Lighting

  • Arkon or Square Jellyfish tripod mounts for your smartphone or tablet: View these and other accessories in my Livestream TechStore
  • Rode SmartLav wired lavaliere (clip-on) microphone and other options: View these and other accessories in my Livestream TechStore
  • Amazon Basics 72" tripod: This is an inexpensive, non-fluid-head tripod, so it's not good for super smooth panning and tilting while recording, but it's cheap and great for locked-down shots at news conferences or for interviews and presentations. View this and other accessories in my Livestream TechStore.
  • Battery-powered Dimmable LED Video Light: View this and other accessories in my Livestream TechStore.

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