Here's an LED Lighting Approach for Your Computer Webinars and Video Interviews!

Zecti light on stand small.jpg

Having great lighting is critical if you want to look your best on webinars you host (on Zoom, Go To Webinar, Easy Webinar, etc.), on Skype video interviews you do, or when you’re recording a screencast where you want your image to also appear on screen.

I want to share the lighting setup I use in case it’s something that will work for you!

I use the following components:

  • A relatively inexpensive but super well-built LED video light,

  • a desktop mic stand,

  • a gooseneck mic stand extension, and

  • a mic-to-thread-mount adapter with adjustable ball head.

1) Zecti LED video light - about $33
This is an awesome, well-made, dimmable, bicolor light. Once you dial in the right intensity and color warmth, it maintains that memory and all you have to do is turn it on and off. The light comes with a power supply and a long cord, but it also will run on Sony NP series video camera batteries.
View it here on Amazon

2) Desktop mic stand
The next thing you need is some sort of support for the light. I mount the light to a sturdy but flexible gooseneck on an adjustable desktop mic stand that sits right behind the computer monitor. The light peers over the top of the monitor. The microphone stand is height-adjustable from 8” to 13”.
View it here on Amazon

3) Gooseneck for mic stand

Here’s where you’ll need to figure out which extension to get. Gooseneck extensions come in 6” and 12” lengths. Which will you need? I can’t tell you for sure, because I don't know how tall your computer monitor is. I have a huge 27" iMac, so I use the 12” gooseneck. You will either need a 6" gooseneck, or a 12" gooseneck. You do the measuring and the math and see which one you need. Be sure to take into account that the mic stand-to-LED-light mount (#4) that screws onto the gooseneck will add another 2". And remember that the mic stand adjusts from 8” to 13”. The idea is to have the bottom of the light just above the top of your monitor.
View the 6” gooseneck on Amazon
View the 12” gooseneck on Amazon

Mic-to-light adapter with ball head

Mic-to-light adapter with ball head

4) Microphone stand-to-light mount
Here is the final piece you need. It’s an adapter that screws onto the goosneck. It has an adjustable ball head, so you can tilt the light just right, as well as a standard screw thread (called a 1/4”-20) that you can screw the light to.
View it here on Amazon

I did all the research and testing for you, so I know this works! You will be amazed at how good you look with just the right amount of light on your face.

Because this light has a big brightness range, be sure to dial it down so it’s not blowing you out since it will only be a foot or two from your face, You can also use the control buttons to dial in the right color temperature to warm up the color as desired.

You will also be able to use this light for any other videos you want to shoot, because it can get really bright - especially for its size!

The on-off button is the one in the lower left corner as you look at the back of the light. The other three buttons control intensity and color temperature.

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