Face to Face with Commendable Communicators: Earthquake Response with Napa County's PIO Team

When disaster strikes a community suddenly, it changes everything in an instant. One moment, you're living life as normal; the next, you find yourself in the middle of an emergency that requires quick thinking and the implementation of all those plans and approaches that previously were only "practice drills." 

In this week's blog, I take you face to face with the Napa County communications team who responded to August 24th's damaging 6.1 earthquake: Molly Rattigan, Danis Kreimeier, Meg Ragan and Cara Mae Wooledge. The team of four I interviewed (on August 28th) were all personally affected by the quake, with one of them narrowly missing injury from a toppling dresser and fish tank in the 3:20 a.m. earthquake.

There's no fancy editing here, full of cutaway shots. This video lets you experience a face to face, sit-down conversation, as the PIO team tells you exactly what they experienced, what their challenges were, and lessons they learned from the experience (that can benefit YOU!).