New Facebook Live Features Offer Desktop Broadcasting and More!

The incredible live video revolution on social media that started in 2015 with Periscope, and continued in 2016 with Facebook Live and Twitter Live, is continuing full steam ahead in 2017 as new features and more capabilities are released.

Facebook Live is announcing a bunch of improvements that give livecasters more options.

Broadcast Live from a Web Browser
Instead of just relying on your smartphone or tablet, Facebook Live has begun rolling out the ability to broadcast from a browser on your desktop or laptop computer. This means you can use a webcam built into your computer, an external webcam, or even a standard video camera running through an adaptor which allows your computer to recognize it as a webcam. It also means you have many more audio options: connect a USB microphone or an entire USB audio mixer to mix multiple microphones and audio sources.

Live Comment Pins
Facebook reports that they have seen that people comment more than 10 times more on live videos than on regular videos. That’s because live video is more of an interactive conversation. As a broadcaster, there is now an option for you to highlight specific comments by pinning them to the bottom of a live broadcast.

Live Contributor Function for Pages
You’ll no longer need to be an Administrator of a facebook Page to broadcast live. Now, Facebook has released a “Live Contributor” role which allows a Page Administrator to choose specific individuals to broadcast live on behalf of a Page. This will be super helpful if you have several people on your social media team who may need to broadcast to your organization’s Page.

Video Metrics
If your Profile has more than 5,000 followers, Facebook will give you “Insights” metrics to better see how both live and regular video content is performing. This will include total minutes viewed, total number of views, and total engagement, as well as aggregated insights for 7, 30 and 60-day periods.

Permalink to Your Video Content
Facebook has created a Permalink feature that directs viewersto your Page’s video content. The link is[your Page name]/videos. You can then send out that link – via e-mail, Twitter or whatever – and anyone who clicks on it will see your live video if one is underway, or otherwise see a library of your previous live and non-live video content.

Crossposting of Live Video Replays
This feature makes it easier to share your content. If you have concluded your live broadcast and want to post that video at the same time to multiple other Pages you administer, you can do it quickly and easily.

We’ll continue to see many more features appear this year for all livestreaming platforms. The question you will need to answer for your organization is: how are YOU going to implement livestreaming in 2017 to grow your business, followers, or, for public agencies, citizen engagement?

I’d love to hear what your livestreaming goals (and challenges!) are. Leave me a comment below!

I’m Kerry Shearer, "The Livestream Expert." I'm a communications and broadcast professional based in Sacramento, CA, specializing in live streaming, social media, web video and emergency communications. I’m a national conference speaker, workshop presenter, and a social media trainer and coach for businesses, entrepreneurs and public agencies. I thrive on helping organizations and individuals create compelling content, reach and connect with their audiences, and successfully grow their influence!

I am also available to be on scene with brands or organizations during major events or promotions to host or coordinate their live streaming broadcasts on Periscope and Facebook using the latest technology, apps and effective approaches. Contact me if I can be of help to you or your organization.