Is Your Smartphone Emergency-Ready?

As a public information officer or communicator for your organization, your role likely includes emergency response. With today’s fast-moving world of social media and instant news, it is critical that you have the ability to work from anywhere. After all, when disaster strikes, you may be at home without access to your office, the power could go out, or you might need to go to the field command post.

Your smartphone is a phenomenally-powerful tool that will allow you to work from anywhere, but is your phone disaster-ready? My video below shows some must-have programs, most of them free or very low cost. (Note that this video uses an iPhone as an example, but many of the apps I recommend are made for both iPhone and Android devices):

(If you have trouble viewing the video above, here is the direct link to the video YouTube. If you still have trouble, it may be that your agency blocks YouTube from appearing on agency computers.)