New Canon XA25 Is My Latest Pick for a Great Video Camera for Communicators and PIO's

Canon XA25 HD video camera

Canon XA25 HD video camera

I'm always on the hunt for the best gear for communicators and public information officers to use to step up their communications efforts using video and audio tools. I think one of the best camera choices for many applications is the newly announced Canon XA25. It's the successor to the popular XA10, but it has features on sterioids.

The small HD camera has great image quality, wonderful low-light performance, and features a full audio head/handle to connect professional XLR microphones. (You want to have pro audio connectors so you can use professional mics and also easily connect to P.A. systems or mult boxes to record your own news conferences and public meetings).

Its 20X lens lets you zoom in tight, and the CMOS sensor is 1/2", an increase from the 1/3" sensor in the XA10 model. Video is recorded to dual SDHC memory cards.

Built-in WiFi allows you to immediately transfer files from the camera over FTP. This camera is a powerhouse and sells for $2,499 at B&H Photo Video.

The XA25 has HDMI and SDI outputs. (Note: A non-SDI version, the XA-20, sells for $2,199). SDI is kind of a big deal. You don't usually see SDI outputs on a compact video camera, especially in this price range. SDI is the way professional broadcast cameras connect to video switchers, recorders, news gathering vehicles and lots of other HD equipment. Audio and timecode data are embedded in the SDI output, and the image quality is even better than with the regular HDTV format.

So if, for example, you could connect one or more XA25's to the very affordable $995 BlackMagic Design ATEM Television Studio product (video switcher). You'd then have full HD video production and streaming for a very low price.

Check out more information on the XA25, including a video interview from a Canon representative at April's NAB 2013 Show, from Streaming Media Today.