Thanks for attending my Social MultiMedia workshop in Corona!

Many thanks to Melinda Weinrich and the City of Corona for their co-sponsorship of the workshop. OK, now your mission now is to go back to your agency or organzation, and within a week or two, produce your first video product! (And please please, e-mail me a link to it so I can see what you've done!) I'm really rooting for you, and know that you now have the skills that will put you on the path to social multimedia Ninja-dom!

Above is an iMovie editing "refresher" video I did so you can become really familiar with the editing techniques you learned! (This refresher is based on the iPhone. iMovie looks a little different on an iPad, but the majority of the functions are exactly the same).

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Download My Social MultiMedia Video Planner PDF

Download My Social MultiMedia Video Planner PDF

Kerry's Presentation
These are my Social MultiMedia presentation slides (PDF)

Social MultiMedia Video Planner (PDF)
NEW EXCLUSIVE TOOL! This will help you plan your video productions!

iMovie for iPhone Editing Cheatsheet (PDF)

Communicators TechStore: Smartphone/iPad Video/Audio Production Accessories
Here's where You can see and purchase great gear from my TechStore for smartphone video recording. Everything is processed and fulfilled by Amazon, so you can buy with confidence.

Accessorize Your Smartphone! (PDF)
Here are the accessories you need to shoot great videos, including tripod mount, microphone and LED light.

Social Media Savvy: Getting Started With Video to Effectively Communicate (PDF)
A few of the basics to help you launch your own in-house video productions

Workshop attendee makes precision video edits

Workshop attendee makes precision video edits

Video Editing Programs (PDF)
Software programs to help you get started with video editing

Music for Your Videos (PDF)
Low-cost, no-cost production music helps set the scene for your videos!

Equipment Guide on my Pinterest Page
Here's a visual guide with links to the multimedia equipment I like for creating online content for your social media sites

Let's Stay In Touch!
Click here to join my list for tips, tools and techniques!

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